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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

How can I track Projects in PayMaker?

We were recently asked by a customer on how they could track time spent and amount paid out on projects for their staff using PayMaker?

This would be useful to any company where employees work on multiple projects e.g. Construction companies.

You can do this using the Accounts feature of PayMaker. This lets you allocate a different account to each line of your timesheet. Most of our clients do not use this for anything useful and simply allocate it to one account called Wages.

However you can use it for Project cost tracking as explained below.

Step 1: Setup your Projects as Accounts in PayMaker

           1. Go to Administration
           2. Select Table Maintenance and click OK
           3. Select Accounts and click OK
           4. Click Add and enter the Project names as per your requirements (Example shown below)

Step 2: Enter timesheets with Account/Project information.

         1. Create your batches as you normally do to enter your timesheets.
         2. After the batches are created you can select the project names as shown in the                                    picture below by using the Account drop down.

Step 3: Print reports with Project/Accounts information.

PayMaker has a number of reports that you can use to print out project/account related information.

      Payroll Reports:
          1. Go to Reports
          2. Select Payroll Reports
          3. Choose Accounts or Account Details (Based on your Company requirements)

We hope that this post helps you to use PayMaker even more effectively to manage your business. If you need any further help, please contact us at or call us on + (679) 3304554

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Compulsory Payroll Update due to 2017/2018 Fiji Government Budget

ALL companies using PayMaker will need to update their payroll software after processing their past pays for July 2017 and before processing their first pay for August 2017.

The reason for this is that a number of major changes that affect payroll related taxes were announced as part of the Fiji Government's 2017/2018 budget. These changes includes:

  1. The first $30,000 of income for Fiji Residents will now be tax free.
  2. A new Environment Levy of 10% will be charged for anyone earning above $270,000 per year.
  3. The Social Responsibility Tax for employees earning above $270,000 has been reduced by the same 10% that is now charged as Environmental Levy.
  4. The format of the EMS file that companies submit monthly has been changed to accommodate the new Environmental Levy.
These changes come into effect from the 1st of August 2017.

Therefore, you must contact our office to arrange an upgrade to PayMaker before you process your first pay in August.

Please contact us at (679) 3304554 or