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Thursday, January 1, 2015

What's new in PayMaker in 2015

Due to changes announced in the 2015 budget, and changes introduced by FNPF, we have released a new version of PayMaker. Some of the changes in the new version include:

  • FNPF Changes: Allow 10% Employer Contribution
  • FNPF Changes: Allow excess employee contribution
  • FNPF changes: Allow monthly exporting of contributions
  • PAYE Changes: Changes in formula based on revised FRCA spreadsheet
  • PAYE Changes: Change in EMS file format to cater for new 11-digit FNPF member number
  • PAYE Changes: Special Tax Rate for employees on S (secondary) employment
  • PAYE Changes: Allow Benefits such as excess FNPF (Employer)

We are committed to doing our best for our customers so that they are compliant with any regulations that affect payroll in Fiji. 

Although these changes were announced fairly late in the year, our team worked with FRCA and FNPF to ensure that all file formats etc met their requirements. 

The team have worked through the holiday season to udpate the software and are now busy rolling out the update to our customers.

Please contact us on 3304554 or if you need more information.