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Sunday, July 5, 2015

What is the Sequence Numbers in EMS files?

PayMaker users are able to generate EMS files for monthly submission to FRCA at the click of a button. In this post I will explain the use of the Sequence Number field because it has been causing some confusion for users.

What is the EMS File?

Effective from 1st January 2013, all employers are required to submit an Employer Monthly Summary (EMS). The EMS is an electronic file that is to be completed and lodged by all employers who pay employee salaries or wages. The EMS is to be filed monthly and included details of all salaries and wages paid for the month.

The format for the EMS file is defined by FRCA. The Standss PayMaker software has been tested and certified by FRCA and creates these files at the click of a button at the end of each month.

Using PayMaker to create your EMS File
  1.  Start PayMaker
  2.  Click Reports
  3.  Click PAYE Monthly Report and File to display the following screen

    4.  Choose the Month and Year.
    5.  Enter the Sequence Number. You will normally enter 01 in this field. (more on this later).
    6.  Click the little folder icon on the screen to choose a folder where the file will be created.
    7.  Make sure that 11 character FNPF Number is selected for the format (FRCA has changed their    system to now only accept 11 character FNPF numbers).
    8. Click Create File.

Your EMS file will be created for you in the folder you selected. You will need to send this file to

What is the Sequence Number?

Most of the time, you will need to enter 01 (or 1) as your sequence number.
This indicates that this is the first EMS file that you are sending for the month.

When do you use a different Sequence Number?

You will only ever need to use a different sequence number if FRCA rejects your file because they found some errors (or if you want to resubmit your file because you discovered that the file that you originally sent had some errors).

Since the sequence number of the file that you sent the first time was 01, you will change the sequence number to 02 which indicates that this is your second try at sending the same file. If changes have to be made again, then change the sequence number to 03 before resubmitting… and so on.

Each time you send the file, FRCA will use it to replace all the information you sent previously.
And remember… when you send your EMS file for the next month, the sequence number will go back to being 01.