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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Printing Tax Withholding Certificates with PayMaker Fiji Payroll Software

You can easily print your employee’s Tax Withholding Certificates (or P4-1 slips as they used to be called) from inside PayMaker.

The Tax Withholding Certificate summarizes the employee’s income for the year showing how much they were paid, how much PAYE was deducted etc.

Employees who have a single source of income generally no longer need a printed copy because FRCA already has this information… assuming that their employer is submitting monthly EMS files (PayMaker for Fiji Payroll users canprepare and submit EMS files at the click of a button).

You can use the steps below to print out the Tax Withholding Certificate from PayMaker
1.       Open PayMaker
2.       Click on Reports.
3.       Select Other Reports and click the “OK”.
4.       Scroll till you find the Tax Withholding Certificate (with Duplicates).
5.       Select the date range for the Tax Withholding Report.

6.       You can either select an individual employee in the drop down or leave the drop down blank to     view/print all employees.

7.       Click Preview.

Note: For 2017 you will need to print TWO Tax Withholding Certificates for each employee.

The reason for this is that there was a tax change in the middle of the year (with the new tax rate started from 1-August).

Each employee will need a Tax Certificate for  the following date ranges.

The first is for the date range (01/January/17 – 31/July/17)
The second date range is (01/August/17 – 31/December/17).

We hope that this helps you with your end of year payroll tasks. If you need any help, please call us on 330 4554.